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Insulation and Corrosion Coatings

Superior Hi-Tech Coatings are distributors of Superior Products International (SPI) for Australia and New Zealand.

The scorching Australian sun is no problem for Super Therm®. A heat insulation ceramics coating which reflects 95% of all heat, has a rating of RE-19, 20 year guarantee and is NASA tested.

The outstanding products from Superior Hi-Tech Coatings will greatly improve most solutions you're looking to resolve any industry!

Our coatings professionally solve real problems in the industrial, oil and gas, chemical, commercial and residential sectors. SPI coating successfully replace all the traditional types of insulation materials cover a wide range of temperatures (including three hours of testing have flames - the only coverage of this kind), have unsurpassed durability.

The coatings developed by SPI has long been engaged in the development of coatings, including the study of their properties and testing in leading laboratories around the world. These coatings solve and prevent problems associated with the regulation of heat and fire protection, insulation, corrosion prevention, lead and asbestos encapsulation and live pipe challenges.

Today you’ll find innovative SPI coatings successfully applied for over 24 years in Far East, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Mexico, and Africa.

Superior Hi-Tech Coatings offers more than just a cover. With our products you’ll get the results you’ll expect while saving money, improving your environmental footprint and reducing your carbon impact!

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